Design with purpose

Brand+Soul is a strategic design agency helping lifestyle brands and non-profit organisations to realise their ambition, whether to sell, educate, campaign or raise their profile and grow. We believe design transforms business performance, delivering stronger, simpler and more effective communications in print and online that are as powerful as they are beautiful.

Brand Ambition
Brand Ambition

There is a reason every business and brand exists. In an increasingly impatient world, this purpose has to be understood in a matter of seconds. We can help you articulate your brand vision, focusing on your strengths and why you are relevant, to successfully impact and engage the people that matter to you.

Brand Identity

A celebration of what is uniquely ‘you’ – we use graphics, colour, type, imagery, words, materials and finishes to bring your brand ambition to life. Whether creating a new brand or refreshing and updating an existing identity, we’ll deliver an original, distinct solution for you to champion.

Brand Engagement

Successful brands deliver experiences that people love. We help you communicate clearly and consistently across different media to deliver more delightful, better differentiated and straight forward interactions, strengthening relationships and enhancing business performance.